Both the Qurbani, Dayavaan boys died on the same day… 27th April. RIP Vinod Khanna! “tujh pe qurbaan meri jaan” Feroz was not only Vinodโ€™s co-star but also directed him. The two, known to be thick friends, first worked together in the 1976 film Shankar Shambhu, in which they played the title roles. Their biggest box office success was the 1980 film Qurbani, directed by Feroz Khan [who also acted in the film] and also starred Zeenat Aman, Amjad Khan, Aruna Irani and Kader Khan. It was an adaptation of the 1972 Italian film, The Master Touch. Later, Feroz directed Vinod in the 1987 film Dayavan starring Madhuri Dixit.

from Darshan Bhambiru
April 27, 2017 at 08:42PM


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